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"Your Happiness is Our Success"

Willow Real Estate

Serving DeKalb County and all surrounding areas


Whether it's Selling or Buying, we have the track record to prove
WE are the Realtors dedicated to helping you and your family make the RIGHT move.

Below Are Some of the Listings We have Sold or Rented!


112 W Lincoln St, Sycamore


35W453 Riverside Dr, St Charles


326 Rolfe Rd, DeKalb


520 E Roosevelt St, DeKalb


321 S Main St, Kingston


338 Terrace Dr, Sycamore


407 Fairlane Ave, DeKalb


1151 Highpointe Dr, DeKalb


434 S 11th St, DeKalb


192 W Meadow Dr, Cortland


3206 Napa Ct, DeKalb


3202 Sonoma Ct, DeKalb


15526 S Pawnee St, Plainfield


226 Windsor Dr, DeKalb


3S757 North Dr, Sugar Grove


158 Heatherfield Lane, DeKalb


503 Ball Avenue, DeKalb


1051 Zelma Rd, Lake Holiday


531 Prairie View Ln, Hinckley


2101 Somerset Ln, Sycamore


320 S California St, Sycamore

409 Red Wing Ln, DeKalb

28352 IL Route 23, Sycamore

1908 Presidential Pkwy, Sycamore

4N402 Arrowhead Dr, Campton Hills

476 Quinlan Ave, DeKalb

27797 Stickney St, Esmond


257 Bent Grass Circle, DeKalb


1741 Seaman Ave, DeKalb

718 Haish Blvd, DeKalb


1606 N Jefferson Ave, Dixon

1519 Lewis St, DeKalb


40 Acres, E Co Rd 750N


3202 Napa Ct, DeKalb

1219 Alexandria Dr, Sycamore

677 Haish Blvd, DeKalb


322 N Maple St, Waterman

217 Maplewood Dr, Sycamore


110 Pooler Ave, DeKalb


518 Amsterdam St, Woodstock


805 W Lighthouse Rd, Oregon

249 Alfred Dr, Sycamore


1623 Huntington Rd, DeKalb

16607 Galena Ave, Plano


1716 Ironwood Dr, Sycamore


437 Settler Rd, DeKalb


2625 Coltonville Rd, Sycamore

1240 Foxpointe Dr, Sycamore


9N410 Burlington Rd, Hampshire

10265 Perry Rd, DeKalb


2482 N 3959th Rd, Sheridan

722 Magnolia St, DeKalb


1149 E 1000 North Rd, Onarga


1033 E 1000 North Rd, Onarga


605 N 13th Street, DeKalb

326 Alfred Drive, Sycamore


714 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore



704 S. 1st Street, DeKalb


422 S Locust Street, Sycamore


608 Leonard Avenue, DeKalb


1501 N. 1st Street, DeKalb



224 S. 8th Street, DeKalb


1211 Alexandria Dr, Sycamore


310 Parker Street, Sycamore

3443 Basswood Lane, DeKalb


       1165 Prescott Lane,         Pingree Grove

128 Alma Street, Sycamore

405 N 3rd Street, Malta

328 Lake Lida Lane, Rochelle

205 E Comanche Ave, Shabbona

656 Sterling Court, DeKalb

1725 Seaman Avenue, DeKalb


46W230 Jericho Road, Big Rock



1605 Forestview Drive, Sycamore


 3367 Tannenbaum Ln, Rockford


34 W Amber Avenue, Cortland


408 Washington Street, Malta


720 Anjali Court, Sycamore



762 S Third Street, DeKalb 


1724 W Motel Road, Sycamore




1027 Wild Street, Sycamore



725 Poplar Lane, DeKalb


900 Somonauk Street, Sycamore

1219 Coolidge Court, Sycamore

1522 Grand Drive, DeKalb


2615 Coltonville Rd, Sycamore


530 S Fourth Street, DeKalb 

414 Karen Avenue, DeKalb

1223 Pleasant Street, DeKalb

415 Ball Avenue, DeKalb


511 Wood Street, DeKalb

Hillcrest Suites Apts, DeKalb


49W223 Main Street, Elburn

4110 Coyote Lakes Circle, LITH

3467 Roseman Lane, DeKalb

32573 Irene Road, Kirkland

1834 Park Avenue, Sycamore 


125 Laurel Lane, DeKalb

1334 Sunflower Drive, DeKalb

2452 Meadow Creek Dr, Sycamore


 3333 Winterton Road, Lee

 202 N Harrison Avenue, Aurora


991 Penny Lane, Sycamore 

372 Niagara Street, Park Forest 


440 S Peace Road, Sycamore 

518 S 6th Street, DeKalb

340 Garden Court, Sycamore

450 Evergreen Circle, Gilberts

159 E North Avenue, Cortland

517 S Fifth Street, DeKalb

1457 Reserve Lane, DeKalb

1052 S Fifth Street, DeKalb

372 Niagara Street, Park Forest

202 N Harrison Avenue, Aurora 


2434 Briarwood Lane, Sycamore

319 Holiday Drive, Lake Holiday


159 E North Avenue, Cortland

1075 Alexandria Drive, Sycamore

422 Spring Avenue, DeKalb

341 Home Street, Sycamore

199 E Meadow Drive, Cortland 


1736 Fulton Lane, Sycamore 

1015 Independence Ave, St Charles


1749 Russet Lane, Sycamore

917 Water Stone Way, Malta

728 N 13th Street, DeKalb

530 N Oak Street Lot 37, Hinckley

632 Amherst Drive, Sycamore

1618 Park Avenue, Sycamore

1274 Robin Drive, Carol Stream

353 Manning Drive, DeKalb

926 N 12th Street, DeKalb

1310 Lewis Street,  DeKalb

710 W Railroad Street, Kingston

660 S Peace Road, Sycamore

111 Pleasant Street, Maple Park

80 Foxboro Lane, Gurnee

108 Laurel Lane, DeKalb

103 Hiawatha Drive, Kirkland

119-123 E Ottawa Street, Sycamore 

517 Stonegate Drive, Sycamore

420 Ridge Drive, DeKalb

545 Woodmar Ter, Crystal Lake

549 N 7th Street, DeKalb

213 Delcy Drive, DeKalb


927 Sharon Drive, DeKalb

10235 Rich Road, DeKalb

868 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore

324 N Dove Street, Cortland

911 N Seventh Street, DeKalb


153 Terrace Drive, DeKalb

419 1/2 N Sixth Street, DeKalb

203 W Nissen Stigen, Lee

560 Normal Road, DeKalb

935 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore

1095 W Dresser Road, DeKalb


1170 Golf Court, DeKalb

Lot 20 Fox Hollow Drive, DeKalb

1287 E 3800n Rd, Kempton


1516 Larson Street, Sycamore

1614 E Dresser Road, DeKalb

323 Napa Court, DeKalb


97 W Carol Avenue, Cortland

535 Kendall Lane, DeKalb

626 Spring Avenue, DeKalb

18 School Street, Geneva

430 N College Street, Batavia

82 E Hummingbird Ave, Cortland


1830 Margaret Lane, DeKalb

410 N Elm Street, Sandwich


627 N Annie Glidden Rd, DeKalb

1066 S Cross Street, Sycamore

230 Bennett Drive, Carol Stream

239 N Cross Street, Sycamore


331 W State Street, Sycamore

602 W Pleasant Lane, Lombard


1476 Cambria Drive, DeKalb

136 Reston Court, Sycamore

350 N Pine Street, Waterman

352 N Pine Street, Waterman

2990 Kane Road, Leland

534 Katherine Circle, DeKalb

326 E Lincoln Street, Sycamore


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